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General Fund Account

The General Fund is created through the fundraising efforts
of the Choral Booster Organization. At the close of each
budget year, the Executive Board will allocate a specific
amount of funds from its operating budget, after all
expenses have been paid, to the General Fund.

Some of the General Fund Account will be distributed to
Student Incentive Accounts every 4th year for the major
Music Department Trip (historically the Disney Trip). Only
those students who are paid Choral Booster members will
be eligible to receive these funds. General Account Funds
will be distributed to all eligible students equally.

Fundraisers that currently fund the General Fund Account are:
  •          Musical Backstage Greetings
  •          Musical Raffle Baskets
  •          Chick-fil-A/Chipotle Nights

Student Credits

A student membership account is comprised of the credits raised by each student through fundraising events offered throughout the year. These funds are available to use for any choral trip.

When a student registers for chorus, and joins the Choral Boosters, a student
membership account is opened for them through the Choral Boosters Organization.

Fundraisers that currently fund the Student Incentive Accounts are:
  • Sarris Candy
  • Giant Eagle Gift Cards

Fundraising Opportunities

The Choral Boosters provide various opportunities throughout the school year for students to raise funds for their individual Student Membership Account, and for parents to help strengthen the Choral Booster General Account.  The Student Membership Account is funded to pay for both choral department and music department trips. All choral students have the opportunity to participate in planned trips.

Sarris Candy Fundraiser